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The Aurora School began in 1904, was formally dedicated in 1923, with its first yearbook released in 1926. Since then, our school has seen many changes, with people attending from various parts of the Range… Aurora, Palo, Embarrass, Biwabik, Hoyt Lakes... The year 1988 was filled with change and ended the era of the A-HL Blackhawks, only to find that 1989 would usher in a new era as we merged with Biwabik to become the Mesabi East Giants. 

We, the Class of 1988, have a legacy, one of historical value and importance.  We are the last of the Blackhawks.... we own it, each and every one of us, equally and proudly. And no one can ever take that away from you.  In 1987 when I worked as the co-editor on our yearbook, we realized then that we had an important year.  We wanted to set it in stone by claiming the title that we were truly the last of the Blackhawks so future generations would know.  You all came to the high school office at our request to sign the yearbook with your own signature. And you did it again when we asked the same for the tshirts/sweatshirts.  By signing our names, it expressed our individuality as a class.

 "THEY SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST" was our theme.  

It summed it up perfectly.  

Over the years we've heard your stories and memories of AHL. Some are good.  Some, are not.  Sadly, we've even lost a few classmates along the way, which we have memorialized on this site. Some of you will lurk this page, contemplating on coming home for our 30 year reunion... some can't wait to get home and visit with family and friends... and some of you simply have vowed never to return, because you are better off now than you were in high school. Now that I have your attention... to those who care not to attend... I ask you to reconsider.  After all, you are reading this site for a reason. 30 years ago is a long time to hold grudges , don't you think?

Other classes do things the "traditional way".... all nice and neat and formal-like.  Who says we, the Class of 1988, has to?

So, let's purge for a moment....

It's about coming home.

It's about facing fears.

It's about righting a wrong.

It's about showing everyone the amazing individual you are.

Heck, it's a 16 Candles moment waiting to happen.

That person that bullied you? It's time to forgive.

That person you bullied? Time for you to ask for forgiveness. 

That person you were too shy to talk to? It's time to say "hello".

That person you admired and wanted to compliment? It's time to get those thoughts off your chest. 

That guy you had a crush on and was always nice but you were too shy to say anything? .... Ya, I'd send a Facebook message instead, just in case his wife is at the reunion... ;)

The most embarrassing moment you had in high school that you got teased for? That's not your legacy anymore. We've forgotten about it, so should you.

Listen, we all had the same destination in 1988, to just survive and make it out alive... we just all took different paths to get there.  I get it.  Everyone struggled.  But we all struggled together.  Our 30 Year Reunion is about celebrating that struggle, that right of passage to adulthood, it's a chance to make amends, and more importantly it's to come together and celebrate the living legacy we are as a class....

"The Last of The Blackhawks" 

It's our hope that we can come together as a class during the HL's Water Carnival of 2018 by constructing a float in our honor, to show all Alumni and the Community that we are proud of our legacy.... and to wear our school colors, Red & Black. We are the LAST Class to graduate as a Blackhawk... we've got bragging rights... and damnit, we're gonna brag! We have a class size of 117, I personally hope to see as many of you that can make it home.  

~Amy Nossum



This website was created with the confidence it would be the main portal of our AHL Class of 1988 for years to come. We realize not everyone is on Facebook and so wanted to offer a more complete and interactive extension to our class.  As your administrators, we welcome your feedback. We urge you to fill out the profile page and all information as soon as possible. You do not have to complete the profile page all at once.  If you would like to enter more information, just go the Edit Profile button to add more info at any time.   Even if you will not be attending the reunion, you can still receive updated correspondence and news!  Also, that serves as confirmation of your personal information. Thank you!

~Mary Koch (Thompson)







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